Going viral, the Instagram way

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Yesterday we saw the acquisition of Instagram for $1B or did we? What did Facebook really buy?  A photo sharing application? Hardly.  Facebook did not buy Instagram. What Facebook bought was far more valuable.  They bought engagement through human connection and emotion.  Every time we (you & me) take a picture with Instagram, there is an emotional connection that occurs.  We are instantly curious. Our minds can often take us into the picture where we start imagining our own world, our own story.

Have you ever been on Facebook and started to randomly look at pictures of friends of friends? Practically strangers, yet so fascinating.  Is it because we are nosy? Well, maybe.  But I think something bigger is at play.  As human beings, we have many forms of communication.  The most powerful being the visual.  At the end of the day, the way we interpret an image or a picture…

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