How to get powerful customer testimonials and professional recommendations

In this day and age, there is nothing more powerful than a customer testimonial and/or a professional recommendation.  This is especially true for a site like Linkedin.  Even if you don’t own technically own a small business, getting a recommendation from someone you have worked with is just as powerful as a customer testimonials.  After all, aren’t your colleagues, supervisors, clients, subordinates and others really your “customers”?  The point is, your reputation in business is your brand.   Maintaining your brand value is important.  Below are some tips for obtaining the most powerful customer testimonials and/or professional recommendations.

  • Establish a relationship early:  This has to happen the minute your customer buys your product/service.  Show your customers you care about THEM first.  Deliver on your brand promise consistently.  Always check in on your customers, especially if you would like to ask for a testimonial/recommendation in the future.  Establishing a relationship early ensures that you will get a winning reputation.  Building on that relationship will ensure customer loyalty and a happy client.
  • Make the process easy:  To ensure you make the process as easy for your customer as possible, please have in mind what you want them to do.  Have examples of the types of testimonials you are looking for.  Give your customers concrete guidelines about what to include and not include.  Give them clear deadlines and ask if they will be able to meet them.  Help them write the testimonials and share ideas about what other customers have done.
  • Target specific areas for testimonials/recommendations:  Businesses (and professionals) are sometimes very haphazard about the types of testimonials they need. Just like everything we have talked about in this blog, testimonials and recommendations need to be TARGETED.  Do you want to showcase your trustworthiness and reliability?  Have a few testimonials that talk about how much they trust you.  Want to showcase how great your products are? Get customers who LOVE your products. Want to focus on the outstanding customer service your provide? Find customers that have had a great experience with your company in this area.  The point is that you need to use testimonials/recommendations strategically to build your brand.

What do you find to be a useful way to get customer testimonials or professional recommendations?

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