Artomatic! More than just art—its magic & marketing

After a long hiatus, Artomatic is back! If you have not heard, Artomatic is Washington, DC’s largest art festival.  The organization takes an empty building and fills it with art! This includes visual art, dance, music, poetry and everything you can possibly think of!  This year, the team at Artomatic took over an 11-story in Crystal City.   Last night was opening night and it was more than magical!  The great thing about Artomatic is that it gives artists a forum to showcase their art.  Artomatic is completely egalitarian–anyone can show off their art–all you need is $110 for registration and 3 volunteer shifts.

What is also great is that it lets artists market their work to the public.  This is a great opportunity for artists to get new fans and more importantly, sell their work.   Here are some tips for artists and others attending the event to help them market their work.

Tip 1: TALK to people

Have conversations with those that are visiting your exhibit.  Engage people and ask them what they think.  Show interests in their opinion.  Remember, not everyone is going to like your work.  That is ok.  There is no right or wrong worldview.  The point of this exercise is to connect to the people that do LOVE your work.  The people that fall in LOVE with your work are the people that will BUY your work and will tell others about it.

Tip 2: HELP people

Help other artists and drive traffic to their exhibit.  You would be surprised how karma works.  Always pay it forward.  Once others see that you are a “giver” they will be more than happy to help you with anything you need.  Besides, helping people makes you feel good and this leads to tip number 3.

Tip 3: Be HAPPY

Smile! You are at Artomatic, the happiest place on earth.  This is the place where you get to be a magical unicorn for one whole month!  Being happy and having a positive attitude is key to drawing people to you.   Engage people by giving them compliments.  Tell others what you like about their work, even if its one little thing.  Train yourself to look at the positive and you will be transformed into a people magnet.  And you know what else magnets attract $$$ 🙂

Have fun at Artomatic!  Enjoy the experience, you never know when it will happen again.  Be present and take your time to take it all in.

I will be having a professional development session this Wednesday titled “The importance of Networking for Entrepreneurs.”  Here is the link:

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Enjoy your life! Lorena

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