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Why the NEW Google+ Local matters for your Small Business

Google just announced that it will kill its “Google Places” offering in favor of a new version on Google+ called “Google+ Local”.   Why does this matter? It is interesting that Google has decided to build out its business listing … Continue reading

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How Small Businesses Can use Mobile for Marketing

Originally posted on npersona's Blog:
NOTE: This was first published in February of this year. Tomorrow we are launching our new video series designed to help small businesses learn from experts in startups, small business and marketing.  We are…

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How Positive Psychology is Changing Product Marketing

Recently, I have been doing research on the topic of positive psychology.  The essence of positive psychology is to focus on strengths and virtues.  Traditional marketing focuses on the customer problem–the negative.  Businesses bring a solution to the problem–the positive.  Positive psychology advocates focusing … Continue reading

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How to do effective business networking

Networking is a vital part of doing business nowadays.  However, many people are still intimidated by the idea of walking into a room full of strangers and “networking”.  Often, an image of a pushy, sleazy “used car” sales man comes … Continue reading

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Artomatic! More than just art—its magic & marketing

After a long hiatus, Artomatic is back! If you have not heard, Artomatic is Washington, DC’s largest art festival.  The organization takes an empty building and fills it with art! This includes visual art, dance, music, poetry and everything you … Continue reading

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Facebook IPO, Over Valuations & the Tech Bubble

This has been an exciting week to watch Silicon Valley.  The much anticipated Facebook IPO is looming over much bigger questions–Is the company over valued? Are we experiencing a “tech bubble”?    The question of value has become even much … Continue reading

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How to do Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing is extremely important for developing customer profiles.  I have created a video that discusses the principles of targeted marketing, segmentation, value propositions and much more!

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