How to increase traffic to your blog

The npersona blog is seeing a rise in traffic.  April 2012 was the best month yet.  I wanted to share some tips that have really helped increase traffic.  The most important and obvious is to write compelling content.  It is crucial that you write often, in a consistent basis.  Set a goal for yourself and stick to it.  This is very hard because you have to form a new habit.  Most business owners are extremely busy so there are a couple of things you can do to motivate yourself:

1) Write about subjects you love and are passionate about.  This will help inspire you and motivate you to write more often.

2) Have a mechanism to hold yourself accountable.  For me, when I first made the decision to start writing content on a more regular basis, I joined a group on twitter that was also committed to writing on a consistent basis.  This held me accountable to those in the group.   We would check in once a week and make sure that we were all posting.

Other methods of increasing the number of posts and keeping motivation going are:

1) Tweeting out new blog posts.  This was a good way for me to know that I had to write compelling content because people would be reading the link.  It also helped drive traffic. The re-tweets and positive comments also helped in motivating me to write more.

2) If relevant, post to your industry groups on Linkedin.  Again, this is another way to hold yourself accountable and ensure you are writing quality, useful content.  The comments were a good way to get positive feedback and increase my confidence in the content I was writing.

The main motivator behind my blog was to help people and educate them about marketing, entrepreneurship and business.  I was insecure at first that the content that I was writing was not helpful.  The only way to know for sure was to get the content out there and get feedback.  Once I saw people were responding positively, it really motivated me to want to write more.

Another interesting tip is to write about hot topics in the news. I wrote a blog post about the recent Instagram acquisition by Facebook.  This was the second most popular post.  And best of all, it landed me a new client! The most popular post was the one I sent to my family, friends and colleagues.  Remember to always include your network in promoting your posts!

Remember, the more you write the more Google can include your content in their search results and the more traffic you will receive.  Keep in mind that Google’s crawlers do not index content right away.  It takes an average of three to four months for all your content to be indexed. Be patient and keep writing!

Remember to always stay in the conversation, stay connected email us at, follow us on twitter @npersona, like us on facebook _npersona

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7 Responses to How to increase traffic to your blog

  1. tonymena0531 says:

    I completely agree with your post. It’s very important to write relevant content. And putting in LinkedIn if it’s business related is a smart move. I myself found you there. And is a good reason to be in related groups. And than there’s twitter. Putting in a good post there can get you mentioned – going viral. Good Job.

  2. catchyouri says:

    where can we find your post on Instagram being bought by FB?

  3. Nicely done, and a good reminder for folks looking to expand their presence on the Web!

  4. tmanifold says:

    Good points. Simple but often overlooked. I’ve been using some of the same strategies myself. Hopefully it will work as well for me.

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