How to use video in marketing your business

In today’s day and age, companies need to use as many strategies as possible to set themselves apart and stay top of mind.  One of those strategies is using video to market your company.  Video marketing has many advantages that other media don’t have. For instance, it really lets you connect with customers by putting a face to the company.  This gives your customers a more human interaction and can really showcase your company’s personality.

Video marketing has become very easy to do.  Nowadays, all you need is a high quality smartphone and you are good to go!  There are many topics that you can cover in video marketing.  Your videos should contain content that is informative and educational.  You want to be seen as the expert in your field.  A well thought out video marketing strategy can also allow you to build trust and credibility much faster.

Video is another part of your content marketing strategy.  This is also part of your online presence strategy.  In order to become an expert in video, you need to practice! Get used to looking at yourself on video!  Listen to how you sound–what is your tone of voice?  Remember to keep up your energy level!  All of this is hard work but necessary to have compelling and engaging content.

The goal is to educate and keep visitors coming back.  This means that you need to consistently create content.  This will show people that they can depend on you to deliver great content.  Make it a habit to create video marketing and other content marketing.  Once you get in the habit, it will become much easier to do on a consistent basis.

In terms of topics to talk about,  give your customers free tips or cover the latest industry news.   Talk about different activities that are going on with your company.  Talk about innovative ways that your customers are using your products and services.  Remember to keep things moving and varied!

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