Nice to see you again Tupac

Just this weekend we had the Coachella shocker. Tupac on stage and in concert. Well, a hologram of Tupac anyhow. Whether you are creeped out by the idea or not, it was a great marketing move on the concert organizers part. Why? Because it has people talking! Ultimately, this is the goal of great marketing. Remember in my previous posts I have written about how ideas spread through memes. Basically, these memes are ideas that jump from one person to the other. Marketing is about spreading ideas that motivate people to action. Marketing = Action. What action do we want people to take?

Tupac’s hologram is helping spread the meme of Coachella. It has done a great job of helping the event stand out in the minds of people all over the world. Tupac’s hologram is doing the marketing by telling an engaging story of innovation. I am not suggesting that you need to go as far as getting a hologram of a dead celebrity for your business marketing strategy. What I am suggesting is that you find ways to help your business stand out in your market.

The element of surprise is always important. By giving your audience something unexpected, you generate “buzz”. People like to talk about novel things. Give people the opportunity to talk about your company or products. Taking a risk and being different is good as long as you are AUTHENTIC. This is key. We don’t want to do things that are “gimmicky”. As a company you want to take your brand promise into consideration when you are deciding how you are going to “WOW” your market.

In the case of Coachella, the Tupac hologram worked well with their brand image. The festival is known for being on the cutting edge and always providing reunions. In this case, the reunion was with Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre and a hologram of Tupac. People expected a reunion. They did not expect to see Tupac. That is where the marketing magic came in. What will they think of next? I don’t know but I will be watching and listening and reading. The festival continues this weekend.

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