Business is Creativity

Business is fueled by innovation and creativity. Everyone in the world is in business because we are all selling something. Whether we are entrepreneurs or trying to sell our ideas within a company. Even priests are selling something. Think about it. Being able to solve problems in a unique, creative way is a talent. Not everyone can do it.

You need to train yourself to be creative. Training yourself means not only letting your imagination run wild with possibilities but giving yourself permission to fail. Being creative means taking “the road less traveled” (and yes, that is Robert Frost. He is a great poet, you should read his poetry more often). Being creative means being wrong —a lot. This is especially freighting when you have had success whether in school or in a conventional work environment.

Originality is highly valued in our society because most people are like other people. Most people want to be liked and the safest way to be liked is to be like everyone else. It’s the same thing with our ideas. We want others to like our ideas so we think that sticking to what is safe is the way to go.

The truth is that, if our ideas are like everyone else’s, people will agree with them but they will quickly be forgotten. However, if we take risks and become creative, suddenly we become interesting. We are talked about. We become the topic of the conversation. People will either love or hate your ideas. You have to be ok with that. The point is that they feel passionately one way or the other so that your ideas are TALKED about and they SPREAD. I just read a great post on James Altucher’s blog (read it here) and he talked about ideas reproducing and having children. Then, those children or ideas grow and find other ideas and they spread…and so on and on. That is due to creativity—that is what makes ideas sexy.

Most importantly, share your ideas. They can not spread if you keep them all to yourself. Foster a spirit of generosity in everything you do, including in sharing your ideas. This will allow you to grow in leaps and bounds. There are people that are afraid that someone will “steal” their brilliant idea. Here is news for you:

  1. Chances are someone else has had (is having) the same exact idea because most ideas are based on other ideas already out there.

  2. Other people can not execute your idea because they don’t have the passion you have.

  3. If all you are doing is standing around talking about your idea and not executing you deserve your idea to be stolen.

How are you going to be creative and generate the best ideas possible today? How about tomorrow? Creativity sells, when was the last time you bought boring?

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