Be Remarkable: Become the best thing since sliced bread!

Most companies strive to deliver the best product they are capable of creating. Striving for excellence is a great thing and commendable. But creating great products is not enough. You must be able to tell the story of why it matters. Why does your product exist and why should I care? Most entrepreneurs that I know at one point or another fall in love with their (our) products. WE FALL IN LOVE! Of course we do! Typically, entrepreneurs spend countless hours thinking about every detail—endless hours thinking about their products and how FANTASTIC those products are. Then, the day that we have been waiting for is here and we launch! And wait and wait and wait some more. Soon we realize that no one else (other than their family and friends) is using the product. It is beyond us, why no one else is fawning over our beautiful baby.

We entrepreneurs forget that one of our primary roles is being a story teller. We have to be able to tell our potential customer why they should care about our product. What problems is it solving? How is it making their lives better? & most importantly why it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! Did you know that sliced bread was invented by Otto Rohwedder of Davenport, Iowa around 1915? Yet, no one paid attention to it for 15 years until Wonder Bread came along and started marketing it. Why? Because Wonder Bread knew how to tell the story. Or as Seth Godin would say, they knew how to spread the idea. Its not always about how the product is made or how good it is—its about getting the word out and communicating why your product matters. Being able to communicate the impact that your product will have and how it is making the world better. Remember that today people have too many choices and too little time. What is going to get talked about? What ideas are going to spread? Ideas that are fresh and new—Different & remarkable! Don’t interrupt people—engage them! Re-invent the stories you tell and make them compelling.

Tell stories that clearly solve a pain point. If the problem you are trying to solve does not exist, your message will be ignored and people will not listen. The point is that entrepreneurs should not tell stories that do not exist. Rather, clearly communicate the unique story of your product—the entrepreneurs themselves have to be sure they understand the value their products bring to the market. Authenticity in story telling is key. You want to build trust and credibility. If you are not authentic you will loose your audience and once you loose trust, it does not return. Find the people in your industry that are passionate and market to them. They will listen because they care. They will tell their friends and (magic) it will spread.

For more on being remarkable read Seth Godin’s book “Purple Cow”. Enjoy!

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  1. JLEWKU says:

    Great article!

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