Positioning: Communicate value & increase sales

Positioning is the process that focuses on conveying product value to buyers. This is where your company stands in relation to your competitors, partners, complimentary products and your customers. It lets you determine where your product/service is adding value and what makes it unique– it helps you identify your differentiators. It will be the backbone of all your outbound communication. It allows you to do the following:

  • Clearly states how your product or service will solve specific customer needs
  • Focus is on your customer and how your product or service adds value
  • Identifies the customer problem you are solving

Your offerings positioning should support your company’s positioning—every product positioning should integrate into the company’s positioning. You control how you are perceived in the market with the right positioning statement. The two main benefits of positioning are:

  • Allows for consistency all of our messaging
  • Forces us to clearly spell out the benefits of our solutions

Deep positioning lets you uncover the truth about your product or service. These are things you can do to uncover the truth:

  • Interview management
  • Assess old marketing material
  • Assess competitors material and positioning
  • ID unclaimed competitive positioning
  • Interviewed customers about key problems and why they bought
  • ID and ranked target markets most pressing problems
  • Interviewed key partners

The number one enemy of positioning is insincerity! We all know that most marketing material and collateral is not easy to understand and not clear. Do you know why? Because it is insincere —its as though the writer is trying to fool the reader. This is very unfortunate as it prevents the company from establishing a trusting relationship with their potential customers. There are several reasons for this:

  • Partially caused by not fully understanding the value your customers derive from your offerings–guessing
  • Partially because of the use of jargon or buzzwords; Sometimes we think if we use complicated industry terms we sound smart but we sound like we are trying too hard and we are trying to compensate for the lack in our offerings; Remember KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)
  • Cute tag-lines don’t convey meaning —your goal is to communicate clearly the value your offerings bring to your customers NOT TO BE CUTE. There is merit in creating a cute tag line that communicates your product value. However, unless you are or hire a top creative agency on Madison avenue, most of us can not do this! So, please don’t do this!

Positioning is a big part of your branding process. Positioning is one aspect of creating a brand— position spells out your unique benefits that really matter to your target market

  • Positioning is the “mind share” you own in your customers
  • Branding is your company’s identity; its proprietary visual, emotional, rational and cultural image associated with your company or product
  • Eventually the brand becomes one of the benefits because it embodies trust, expectations of quality and performance
  • Positioning says why the brand is important and speaks the language your target market understands

I hope you have found this valuable. This is one of the topics we cover in our webinar series. Please comment and give feedback if you found this helpful and relevant. Also, what other topics you would like to see.

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Thanks for reading!! Lorena

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