Guy Kawasaki: Powerful marketing tips on how to enchant the SMB market

The week before last at the Parallels Summit, I saw Guy Kawasaki speak.  In his Keynote address, he spoke about how to enchant SMBs and people in general.  Below are his first five points.  Enjoy!

1)      Achieve Likability: People do business with people they like.  Have a great smile! Smile with your jaw muscles and eye muscles—you want crows feet.  If you want to be liked you have to accept others.  Don’t expect to be liked if you are not liking.  Default to a YES attitude—when you meet people for the first time always think how you can help the other person—this will make you a great networker;  Do not think what you can get out of a relationship or be afraid that the other person wants something from you.  There is more upside in defaulting to yes if you want to be likeable.

2)      Achieve Trustworthiness: The first step is to trust others before you can expect them to trust you.  Great examples are Amazon, Zappos and Nordstrom.  If you want to be trusted you have to be a “baker” not an “eater”.  The “eaters” see the world as a zero sum game, what you eat I cannot eat; therefore, I have to eat it before you do.  A “baker” sees the world as a rising tide that can float all boats—I can bake more pies, I can bake bigger pies.  Everybody can eat more.

3)      Perfect your product or service (Quality):  It’s easier to enchant people with great stuff than with crap.  Define GREAT:  DICEEDeep: Many features, lots of functionality, you have anticipated what people want.  Intelligent:  When you look at them, you know that the creators were THINKING—they understood the customer’s pain.  Complete:  Focus on the totality of the solution.  Its no longer just the software, its also everything around it.  It is the entire customer experience.  It is the TOTALITY of the solution that makes it great.  Empowering:  The solution should make you feel powerful, more creative, more productive.  It makes you feel better. Elegant: Beautiful—somebody cared about the user experience.

4)      Launch:  Tell a story. Plant many seeds when you launch—the process of launching is not hierachical any more.  Marketing 2.0 means lonelyboy15 helps you tip—But the ones that make you tip are hard to find and to a great degree, lonelyboy15 has to find you. How do you help him find you?  You have to plant many seeds.  Put a lot of product out there.  Make it easy to try your product, test drive your product.  Twitter is a great story—at the beginning people tweeting about their coffee now Twitter is being used to bring down totalitarian governments.  Nobodies are the new somebodies.  The nobodies of SXSW embraced twitter and used it and all the lonelyboy15s at SXSW made twitter tick.  Use salient points:  calories vs miles—if a bag of chips said (instead of calories)—if you eat this bag you will have to run 10 miles—that is a much more salient point.   Another example is gagbytes vs. number of songs.  Focus on what people really care about and understand.

5)      Overcome resistance to your enchantment:   Re-position your company/brand/product—ie turn a game into an educational tool.  Another way is to show social proof that other people are using your product.  This is the “like” button or the plus 1 button.  When ipod came out it was obvious who was using an ipod, the person with the white ear phones.  As you saw more and more people using them, you were more likely to buy an ipod, you where then added to the pool of ipods. And the more people saw white ear phones the more they bought.  Social proof can help you reach critical mass.  The next step to overcome resistance is to use data sets.  Enchant all the influencers involved.  Figure out who the influencers are.  Remember the holy grail of marketing is viral marketing.  Watch the movie “Never say Never” with Justin Bieber—great film about social marketing.

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One Response to Guy Kawasaki: Powerful marketing tips on how to enchant the SMB market

  1. Listen to the people a the top of any field and follow them. Guy is definitely at the top of the Social Media Marketing food chain. Listen to him.

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