StartupAmerica and Startup VA

Today I had the privilege to attend the Startup VA event at the George Mason Arlington Campus.  It was great to see so many people supporting the movement and the event.  It was truly inspiring to know that the entrepreneurial community in DC is finally coming together to truly build a strong supportive community.  Steve Case was of course great to see and he made a lot of great points.

One issue that stuck out for me was the immigration reform issue.   Mr. Case nailed it on the head when he said we (the U.S.) have the brightest people come here to study and then we send them back to compete with us.   This has always baffled me.  Only the best and most dedicated come here to study and work—and we let them go? huh? I fully support finding a way to keep these hard-working intelligent people here–to continue to build this great nation.  To fill it with innovation and new ideas.  My greatest hope is that the day is near when we are able to keep talent here, in the US.  To have entrepreneurs come here to build great strong companies.  To foster an environment that welcomes innovation not politics. 

I am an immigrant.  Without a lot of luck and hard work I might not be here. I am an entrepreneur.  I am building a company that I hope one day will bring a lot of value and create jobs.  I am going to make the economy strong.  That is the mission of my company.  Those are the services I provide, those are the products I build.  My company is built to make a real difference. To help small businesses and other entrepreneurs grow strong companies.  I know that my company will make a difference in the lives of many.   Today I walked away with hope that more people will have the opportunity that I have–the opportunity to work hard and make a difference in the world.  Carry on!

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2 Responses to StartupAmerica and Startup VA

  1. What I’ve heard recently, in the case of China, is that students are offered huge benefits if they return to China after having been in the US studying. Just wanted to point out there is another side in one instance. You are right about the drive that is necessary to study abroad. I almost went to study in Europe for a term but didn’t make it.

    • npersona says:

      Yes, definitely there is another side. I don’t think everyone should stay, for some its not appropriate. I think the bigger point for me is that if you are a talented person and have a desire to create a company here in the U.S. that will benefit the country and create jobs then we need a better system for keeping that talent here. Mind you I am not smart enough to figure out what that process should be 🙂

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