On IRL networking…Stop. Drop. And Listen.

For those of you who don’t know, IRL stands for in-real-life.  For those of you who do know what IRL means you may be spending too much time on the computer 🙂 Get out there and network!

I listened to a great webinar today regarding the value of offline networking.  I am a big proponent of being able to connect with people in person.   First, let me say that at my core I love business and loving business means loving people.  Enjoying talking to them, interacting with them and really understanding what is important in their lives.  

The most important skill, however, that is essential in business and in life is listening.   Most people think that by talking about THEIR product or service they will sell more.  This could not be MORE completely WRONG.  This is one of the areas that I am more passionate about—business people need to learn to listen.  That means STOP talking and ask questions–and–gasp!—listen to what the other person says.  No, don’t think about what YOU are going to say next or how YOUR product/service is the greatest thing since sliced bread. No. Stop. Comprehend (this part is hard) what is being said and figure out how you can HELP the person solve their problem/need.

This will be the best marketing and business advice I can give you.  Stop. Drop. And LISTEN.  This ensures that you can provide your clients or potential clients the best results possible–targeted to THEIR needs to help them solve THEIR problems.  Now, this may not always mean that your product/service is the right answer for THEM. Be aware of that and offer THE BEST solution possible regardless if it is yours or not.

People like to do business with people they like.  And we like people that HELP US.  Remember that a lot of business can be done via referrals as well so don’t dismiss someone because they are not your client YET. They can still be a source of business for you through referrals.  In business as in life, think of the other person FIRST.  

More post to come on connecting, networking and developing a targeted marketing strategy….

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