Moving Forward: Creating a positive culture around yourself & start up

In the last months of 2010, I had to deal with another set back to the development of the product.  I will not get into details as they are not important but the situation left me disappointed.  Mostly because I lost time.  A new year, a new beginning, another opportunity to move forward.   I will admit that it has been mentally and emotionally challenging–and there have been times when I have questioned this path that I have chosen.   

The most important thing that I have learned is that I will never again in my life work with people who do not behave in a professional, respectful manner towards me, my abilities or my projects.   When you treat a person with respect, especially when you don’t have to and there is nothing for you to gain, speaks volumes about your character.   That, ladies and gentlemen, is more valuable than all the money in the world.

Go out of your way to treat people in a dignified, respectful way everyday.  Show that you do not take them for granted, that their time matters.  Help them, especially when it is an inconvenience for you.   Show you care about their well-being, their life and their work.  Most importantly, make sure they know how much they are worth–leave your pride behind and reach out. 

Someone I barely know did that for me today.  I hope someone does that for you everyday.

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2 Responses to Moving Forward: Creating a positive culture around yourself & start up

  1. Nakeva says:

    You would think that is common sense but the world we live in not everyone has the same idea of how to treat people respectfully. Kudos to the person that took time to be nice and help you on that day.

    No matter what, keep moving forward. You have a product, an idea and a goal. Nothing, including emotions should stand in the way of reaching that goal. Entrepreneurs rock, so rock on!

  2. Lisa Byrne says:

    Very, very well said.

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