Press the reset button

Quick update:  I am meeting with my new developer on Friday! 

Yesterday I went to a keynote speaker Chris Sacca of Lower Case Capital at Georgetown University.  It was a great, insightful talk.  Although the talk was geared towards undergraduates, it had some very applicable points for everyone.   How do you define success?  According to Chris, the ultimate goal is happiness.  What leads to happiness?  Having access to choices.   He also made a great point that being interesting can open doors for you. He encouraged the audience to seek out opportunities to be interesting.  

Chris emphasized that we are among the fortunate that have choices and we were free, at any time, to press the reset button.   In other words, we are free to start over and reboot.   None of us have a “permanent record” like we were told in school.    It’s ok to wash away mistakes and regrets.   He challenged us to start to define our internal values and get rid of external values/standards imposed by others.

He also made the point that interesting people are “present” and in the moment.  They pay genuine attention to who they are talking to.   In this day and age with so many distractions, it is even more important and valuable.  

My favorite point: its ok to f&$% up.   Don’t be afraid to f&$% –its part of life.  You can always disassociate yourself from those things or as Chris put it “untag” yourself from mistakes.  What is not ok is to fail.  Failure, according to Chris, is when you lie, cheat and steal or otherwise hurt other people.

Overall, extremely impressive and insightful.   I am pressing the reset button.  Thanks Chris!

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