Product Camp DC

My how time flies! September is here and Fall will be just around the corner.   At npersona we continue to make fabulous progress and hope to have at least a prototype within the next few months.   Happy to be able to create something that we hope will bring value to you and your community.  

Last Saturday, I attended the first ever Product Camp DC!  I was very excited to meet other Product Management and Product Marketing people.  I did not really know what to expect from an “unconference”.   I can only describe the experience in one word: IMPRESSIVE. 

For an “unconference”, it was really well-organized.  Moreover, the quality of the participants was impressive.  First, I attended a session held by Steve Fisher and he went into the very interesting topic of Usability and UX design.  Touched on some very important points regarding the role of Product Management/Marketing versus UX design.  Next, I attended another great session held by Ken Yarmosh.  Great mobile designer and very knowledgable in his field.   Made some great points regarding mobile design and where the industry is headed.   Made me think especially about how fragmented the industry really is right now–reminds me of the early days of the internet.    The next session I attended was the most anticipated for me—Steve Johnson from Pragmatic Marketing spoke about the role of Product Management.  Now, I have been reading articles from Steve for years so it was a thrill to be able to attend a session held by him….Again, one word–IMPRESSIVE.  

I also had the opportunity to meet some of the organizers of the event.  What a…hmmm, how to describe them—IMPRESSIVE group of people.   Shardul Meta, the founder, had the idea to bring Product Camp to DC after attending the N.C. version and did a great job!  Not only were the sessions great but the networking was outstanding as well.  Again, very high quality, intelligent group of attendees.   I met Jim Berardone of Product Strategy Networks— a great resource for Product Managers.   His organization provides high quality networking and training for Product Managers/Marketers.   All day I met so many interesting people and had many tought provoking conversations it was a blast.

I am so happy that Product Camp will be a fixture in DC and BIG thanks to the organizers!  Hope to catch up with folks through out the year and see everyone at the next Product Camp DC in the spring!


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  1. It was a good conference, wasn’t it? Thanks for your nice write-up. Kudos to all involved.

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