How great leaders inspire action

Hello World–I refer to for insight into many subjects including business, creativity, design, marketing, entrepreneurship and yes, leadership.   A great talk by Simon Sinek attempts to explain how great leaders inspire action in others. The gist of the talk is that those leaders are able to communicate “Why” they do what they do–what is your purpose, cause, belief–why do you exist?  I think if we were to apply this question to npersona:  

Why (do you do what you do): We believe in helping people achieve their goals. How (do you do what you do):  By facilitating connections between like-minded individuals.  What (do you do): We create web and mobile products that match professionals based on their interests and suggest place or events for them to meet in person.

Sinek states that people do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it.  I believe that this is true across the board.  We buy products from companies that share our worldview.  For a startup, it is crucial to understand the worldview of their target audience on a very deep level.  This goes beyond demographics–income, age, geography–and necessitates that entrepreneurs focus on psychographics–interests, activities and opinions.  

Sinek: The goal is not to do business with everyone that needs what you offer but rather to do business with people who believe what you believe.  He goes on to state this is especially true for companies that are trying to “Cross the Chasm” from early adopters to early majority.  The people who believe what you believe will tend to be more loyal and will help evangelize your product to the early majority–thus helping you to cross the chasm.    The same philosophy applies to hiring people–if they are only interested in the money they are less likely to be as productive as if you hire people who believe what you believe.  Interestingly, this really correlates well with the previous post about “Delivering Happiness”.  Very interesting and thought provoking. 

What do you think?


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