First official npersona blogpost!

Hello World–I am excited to introduce npersona’s very first blog post!  The npersona blog’s main purpose is to bring to its reader’s content that is interesting, valuable and helpful…With that in mind, lets start by sharing some thoughts about an awesome event that occurred last week Digital Capital Week (DCweek).   I was able to attend the event last Friday and was more than impress with the line up of speakers…Some interesting insights:

From Social Media Panel:

  • Nowadays, companies must engage and communicate through the lens of value exchange
  • Authenticity matters and it should come from the ground up
  • People share emotions not statistics
  • People are drawn to sources that substantiate their beliefs
  • Become the curator in your area of expertise

From Mobile Madness Panel:

  • In building mobile apps, layout UI on paper before development and build analytics into the product ASAP
  • First focus on functionality not only on design
  • Engage users with your brand and induce action
  • Mobile web vs. native development: with a native app, you get stability and a feature rich app; However, your app is not dynamic and does not get automatic updates
  • Food for thought: Right now, mobile is going through what the internet went through ten years ago–

From the Women Entrepreneur’s Panel:

  • Advice on getting advice:  Call people that you read articles about and give sincere compliments; Call people you admire but be specific about what you want
  • Find mentors by: Volunteering at your chamber of commerce or chair a committee for a non-profit
  • On funding: Put some skin in the game but–Don’t deplete your savings! If you deplete your savings you will be dependent on investors
  • Barter your services in exchange for other services
  • Pay contractors when you get paid by the client

Those are just snippets of the great discussions that occurred at DCweek.  I also ran into friends and made a few new ones as well.  Overall a great time was had by all. 

Hope you found the above useful and let me know what you want to discuss.  That is all for now–


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